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The First Social Online Shop in Nigeria

FaisaL Muhammad 2 months, 1 week ago · is a Nigerian based social e-commerce site that is primarily built like a social media platform, where you can post, share, and connect with other users. You will also be able to see great products put up by other users or sellers on the platform. You have the ability to interact with such posts displaying these unique products by rebroadcasting, sharing, liking, bookmarking, and buying on site (without being redirected to a different site). Isn’t your mind blown by these unique and encompassing capabilities?

Just like your regular social media site, we have the usual Feed where you see posts from people and sellers you follow and posts rebroadcasted by those same people. You are bound to be interested by some posts, so you can also rebroadcast that post to your followers so that they may take joy from sharing similar interests. When you feel like you have to add something to a post or express admiration, you can easily make a comment. Or maybe you’d just like to show love and support? That’s just as simple as pressing the like button. Saving a post to view later on has never been easier with our bookmark button. But that’snot all, when someone does post a product for sale, you can easily tap on the card button to unveil the price of the product, and tap on the price if interested to make payment on site and instantly. We always want to know what’s trending, what product is hot, and what products other people are offering, well the Explore page is for you on this one.

As a seller on our platform we’ve got great things in store for you. You have the amazing opportunity of putting your products out there for the world to see by creating a storethereby targeting a lot of potential buyers. What’s more is that we’re only ever going to need to charge you 5% per transaction and that’s just to keep running costs low. Our online payment solutions are reliable and efficient, which means your payments won’t be delayed. Your payments are processed instantly, however, as a seller your funds will only be released a day after a transaction to ensure delivery to thebuyer is completed and the purchased product is satisfactory.

I’m sure you have the same enthusiasm as we do, so why not join Nigeria’s greatest upcoming online shop, and keep connecting with your friends in a great community where you can have your own voice and space in a unique environment that transcends the virtual realm. You’ll be getting great products that speak to your heart at the tip of your fingers. With the wide variety of products that will be on our site, I doubt you wouldn’t see something before even thinking of it.

As the entrepreneurs we all are, we know that people would love their products to have maximum exposure and where better to get that than at so if you’re an entrepreneur like us, join us as we embark on this marvelous journey. I know what you’re thinking right now. You feel pumped up and would like to be part of this great community, so I’ll just leave it to you then. See you on the other side of the signuppage!

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Comment 1 by Faisal on 2 months, 1 week ago

Dammie what's your number let me add you the whatsapp group

Comment 2 by Muhammad on 2 months, 1 week ago

wow interesting